Coaching with your horse

To enhance your horse’s well-being and deepen the connection between you and your horse.

Horses can experience stress in many ways. Healthy stress is perfectly normal, however, when the balance is lost, horses can become injured or develop other health problems. Think of tendon injuries or colic.
Or it may be that you are experiencing problems in your connection with your horse that you would like to change.

Coaching with your horse focuses on mental and emotional guidance, bringing some awareness to your own actions in connection with your horse. This increases your self-confidence in handling and riding your horse.
The course will therefore support the well-being of your horse, both inside and outside the arena and competition ring.

When is this program valuable for you and your horse:

◊ If there are already health problems, to stimulate an early healing;
◊ For prevention, to assist in a healthy balance of your horse;
◊ If you want to be more self-confidence in the connection with your horse;
◊ If you like to contribute actively to your horse’s well-being yourself.

You can choose from a single coaching session of 1.5 hours or a coaching program with 5 sessions of 1 hour.
The coaching program gives more depth and space to give suitable tips and advice regarding the well-being of your horse.
During the process I work intuitively, tuning in to what presents itself in the moment.

For a session we need a paddock or arena without other people or horses in it.

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