Karma and healing for horse and human

Karma paarden genezing Centrum Equus

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The moment we are born, we already carry karma from past lives. With this we attract the lessons we want to learn in this life, the experiences we want to have.Traumas that we experience in this life often touch the points of pain that we already carry with us at the moment of our birth. Horses also carry karma with them, observable in their energy field.

The coming together of horse and human can cause them to touch each others points of pain. The horse expresses this through behavior and/or illness. Through awareness and conscious choices, painful experiences can be transformed into strength and wisdom. Both horse and human can heal from traumas from this life and/or from past lives and continue to grow on their journey of development as a soul.

What happened in previous lives is usually not important, because we are living in this life. Yet sometimes it can give an understanding of why a horse shows certain behavior. A young stallion with panic reactions when you touch his hindquarters very softly, has probably suffered a trauma in this life. Only why does one horse recover quickly from a traumatic event, while another horse will show severe fear reactions. There are always multiple factors at play. In this case, the karma of this stallion provided clarity and understanding. He has chosen for this himself.

Horse and human attract each other, because they can learn from each other, experience. Especially in this time of deep transformation in the world a lot of fear and pain are being touched. It gives the opportunity for deep healing, coming back into harmony with your own source of life.

Do you want to know more about the deeper connection between you and your horse? During a consultation for your horse I look at the processes at the level of the soul.

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