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Skin problems in horses

2024-02-02T17:01:28+01:00February 2, 2024|Horse sick|

Skin problems in horses come in many forms, for example (tail and mane) eczema, mud fever, scabies, an allergic or hypersensitivity reaction, a fungal infection, warts or skin cancer. They may be accompanied by itching, red skin, bumps, swelling, bald patches, flakes or lesions. The skin is the body's largest organ and has several functions. An important function of the skin is to protect the ...

The self-healing ability of your horse, dog or cat

2023-12-29T08:12:07+01:00December 28, 2023|cat, Dog, Horse sick|

When your horse, dog or cat has a wound, it heals by itself. This is called the self-healing ability of your horse, dog or cat. The body itself goes to work to keep body and mind healthy, to heal. With symptoms of illness, the body of your horse, dog or cat is therefore working hard to restore the balance. Thereby, body and mind are closely connected. For example, if you are very nervous ...

Colic in horses

2023-12-29T07:55:36+01:00October 13, 2023|Horse sick|

Colic refers to abdominal pain. The most common forms of colic in horses are spasmodic colic (overexcitement of intestinal contractions), gas colic and impaction- and sand colic. If you suspect colic in your horse, it is advisable to keep a close eye on your horse and contact your vet, especially if symptoms worsen. The most common symptoms of colic in horses include...

Giving space to your horse

2023-10-23T15:48:32+01:00May 2, 2023|Horse behavior, Horse general, Horse sick|

In a society where everything seems to go fast, giving space to your horse and yourself is beneficial for the healing process. When there is too much pressure from yourself, you become hard on yourself and others. And it is precisely your/a horse that is a clear mirror in this. Think of a horse that bites, runs away from you when you want to take it out of the pasture, difficulties under the saddle.

Resistance worms and bacteria in horses

2023-12-29T07:56:03+01:00June 14, 2022|Horse sick|

Resistance of worms and bacteria in horses increases with time. Deworming products and antibiotics are becoming less effective against these outside invaders. While the use of these products may be necessary sometimes, this resistance makes it more and more important to look at the cause of the horse's susceptibility for worms and bacteria. [...]

The heart as centre of the soul

2023-10-24T14:00:49+01:00February 5, 2022|Horse general, Horse sick, Soul|

The heart is often depicted in the colour red. The red blood flowing through it is pumped around the body by the heart. Blood as a symbol of life force, it transports oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients and waste products through the veins. Essential for the functioning of the body, the heart as centre of the soul. The lungs play an important role in this, they are in close contact with the heart. [...]

Bone disorders in the horse

2023-12-29T07:56:32+01:00November 2, 2021|Horse sick|

Bone disorders in the horse come in various forms. Such as osteoarthritis (joint wear), OCD (loose pieces of bone and/or cartilage in joints), splints (injury of the periosteum of splint or cannon bone), osteoporosis, fractures and cracks. Bone is the densest tissue in the body. Weight makes us more connected to the earth's gravity. All bones together form the skeleton. It is the structure, base [...]

Karma and healing for horse and human

2023-11-16T08:04:36+01:00February 3, 2021|Horse behavior, Horse sick|

The moment we are born, we already carry karma from past lives. With this we attract the lessons we want to learn in this life, the experiences we want to have. Horses also carry karma with them, observable in their energy field. The coming together of horse and human can cause them to touch each others points of pain. The horse expresses this through behavior and/or illness. [...]

Your horse as mirror of your soul

2023-12-29T07:55:09+01:00January 31, 2018|Horse behavior, Horse sick|

We like to surround ourselves with people with whom we have something in common, for example the love for horses, but also in character traits. This also applies to the horse-human relationship, we attract each other because there is something in common. Horses are in this connection a very sensitive and direct mirror with their behavior. This ensures that your horse shows you what [...]

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