Bone disorders in the horse

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Bone disorders in the horse come in various forms. Such as osteoarthritis (joint wear), OCD (loose pieces of bone and/or cartilage in joints), splints (injury of the periosteum of splint or cannon bone), osteoporosis, fractures and cracks.


Bone is the densest tissue in the body. Weight makes us more connected to the earth's gravity. All bones together form the skeleton. It is the structure, base of the body, the physical foundation. Without bones, the body collapses, tendons, and therefore muscles, have nothing to hold on to. Bones therefore belong to the first chakra, the element earth, the base, the foundation.

Healthy bones

Bone metabolism is a life long process of bone resorption and new bone formation. Healthy bones are strong and vital. Important minerals are calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, a good absorption by the body is essential. Vitamin D, formed under the influence of sunlight, is also important.


Anxiety and stress reduce the absorption of nutrients and increase their use. If there is a shortage, the body will take the necessary minerals from storage in the bones. This reduces the strength of the bones. Possibly resulting in the above-mentioned problems. With bone problems, it's good to check whether your horse is experiencing chronic stress.


As the bones grow at a young age, so does the connection with the earthly. Older bones lose strength and vitality, the mass decreases. There is more bone resorption than formation. It is a reflection of the inner change.

What's going on under the surface?

If there are bone disorders in the horse, it is important to look at the balance of the first chakra. Also, what wants to be understood down to the bone, to the deepest layers of the soul? During a healing and reading consult for your horse I look at the processes at the level of the soul.

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