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Skin problems in horses come in many forms, for example (tail and mane) eczema, mud fever, scabies, an allergic or hypersensitivity reaction, a fungal infection, warts or skin cancer. They may be accompanied by itching, red skin, bumps, swelling, bald patches, flakes or lesions.

Skin functions

The skin is the body's largest organ and has several functions. An important function of the skin is to protect the body from external influences. Furthermore, the skin plays a role in ensuring a constant body temperature, obtaining information about touch and pain and forming vitamin D. Waste products are also excreted through the skin.

Immune system

The health of the skin is closely linked to the immune system. With a properly functioning immune system, balanced protection against external influences takes place. Stress, which can have many causes, weakens the immune system. For example, due to physical pain, an unstable environment, lack of social contact, too little exercise and/or stress of the owner.

Lungs, colon and skin

Furthermore, the lungs, colon and skin are closely linked. All three are responsible for the removal of waste products. While in the skin it takes place through the pores, in the lungs disposal takes place through exhalation and in the intestines through faeces. An excess of waste products can therefore cause skin problems.


Both lungs and skin, are about the boundary between inner and outer world. The skin is a physical barrier, while the lungs breathe air from outside. Moreover, they are literally and figuratively about breathing space. You can be on your animal's skin by being overprotective. Or something can take your breath away, often anxiety or stress. Severe or prolonged stress can manifest itself in reduced immune response resulting in skin problems.

Giving breathing space requires trust. When enough positive defences are present, then balance can be maintained with situations that create an unsafe feeling. Trust makes it easier to be with yourself. Then there is naturally a healthy boundary and you can be and act from inner strength.


The measures that can be taken for skin problems depend on the cause. Nettle is often an easy addition though, it has a cleansing effect and is good for the immune system. This week I saw the first tips already sticking out above the ground. You can pick them, if they are big enough, and let the fire go out for one to two days. Then horses like to eat them. It can also be given in the form of tea, in which case my preference is always for an organic variety. In a bucket, your horse can choose to drink it himself. Always nice to test, with or without skin problems in your horse.

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