Outdoor riding with your horse

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Outdoor riding with your horse is an activity that makes one vulnerable and brings joy. For instance, the fresh outdoor air gives relaxation of body and mind. Protecting against outside influences plays a role in the pleasure that outdoor riding gives. After all, there are more impressions to process during an outdoor ride. Also, some horses will be more sensitive to this than others.

When there is fear on outdoor riding with your horse, space is needed to take care of yourself and your horse. This increases confidence and allows you to be more relaxed on your horse's back.
One horse will need the stability of the rider more than another horse who is already more grounded by nature and therefore more solid on his legs.

Riding together with other riders and horses is a way to experience more stability as social interaction feeds the sense of security and thus relaxation and self-confidence.
Multi-day rides with several hours per day also give air to outdoor riding, allowing the bond of trust between rider and horse to grow. This provides pleasure for rider and horse.

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