Giving space to your horse

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In a society where everything seems to go fast, giving space to your horse and yourself is beneficial for the healing process. When there is too much pressure from yourself, you become hard on yourself and others. And it is precisely your/a horse that is a clear mirror in this. Think of a horse that bites, runs away from you when you want to take it out of the pasture, difficulties under the saddle.

On the other hand, harshness is a defence mechanism. We cannot drop our armour all at once, that would be overwhelming. In constructive form, hardness is the power to stand up for yourself, to create your own life.

Daring to give space requires trust in the process, in the self-healing ability of your horse and yourself. When fears, which often come from past experiences of insecurity, of being unworthy of love, are allowed to be there, it gives peace of mind.

As human being and horse, we are in a life-long development process, that is part of life. With space and trust, with or without a horse, we can enjoy this path.

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