Sorraia horses and trust

Sorraia vertrouwen Centrum Equus

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The past few weeks I have been able to get acquainted with a herd of pregnant Sorraia mares. In the meantime, three foals have already been born. At the moment I am writing this, there is a stallion who is allowed to cover the mares naturally. It is wonderful to observe how the communication between the mares and the stallion goes.

The Sorraia horse is one of the indigenous horse breeds in Portugal and was only discovered in 1920 by Dr. Ruy d'Andrade. Near extinction, a breeding programme was eventually set up to save the breed. Because these horses have lived in the wild for so long, they are still very close to nature. They still possess a primal energy that takes you into connection with the Earth. This gives them a sense of peace and trust. A precious gift.

The past period in Portugal I experienced so many fears, as a result of all the changes, that I was able to experience the healing power of nature. I spent a lot of time in nature, walking and especially doing nothing. Taking all the pressure off myself until I felt calmer again. Sitting and lying by trees is healing.

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