Message of three deceased foals

boodschap paard veulen overleden centrum equus

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A couple has shetlanders that gave birth to three fillies last spring/summer. Unfortunately, all three foals have already passed away. The first two foals were born at night in the barn and found dead the next morning. Thus, it is unknown at what time they died. The third foal was born 2 months later in the pasture and lived for 4-5 weeks. It looked healthy until the last moment, in the morning there was nothing to see and in the afternoon it was dead in the pasture. In recent years the mares have also given birth to foals, this without further problems.

Without an autopsy, no certainty can be given as to the cause of death. The mares were in any case dewormed and none of them showed any signs of disease around birth and death of the foals. Nor did the mares have any problems as a result of the foaling.

Further questioning reveal that the lady has been taking medication for tensions for years. The tensions have been mounting over the years. In addition, the couple has faced two personally emotional events between the birth and death of the third foal. As I make contact with the mares and the deceased foals, the first thing I feel is a tremendous love among the ponies and their foals as a group, truly beautiful. And then this suddenly turns into a very heavy energy, the feeling of being tired of fighting with life. The woman appears to have depressive feelings. The main message is to pay attention from within to what is there, to the positive. Among other things, to be grateful for the light the foals have brought, however briefly. The death of these three fillies gives a signal to choose the light from within one's own darkness. A special message in this painful event.

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